Top 2 Smartphone Apps to Earn Money Online: Paid Work and GrabPoints Expained


Introduction To Earn Money Online Apps

In the digital age, earning extra income has become more accessible than ever before, especially with just a smartphone and an internet connection. In this comprehensive guide, we'll focus on two exceptional apps that offer you the opportunity to make money online. These apps, Paid Work and GrabPoints, enable you to earn by engaging in simple activities like watching ads and completing tasks. By the end of this article, you'll have a clear understanding of how to leverage these two apps to potentially earn hundreds of dollars every month. Let's get started!

App 1: Paid Work

The first app we'll discuss is called Paid Work. To get started, You can head over to the website and install the Paid Work application. Once installed, openearn-money-online-apps the app and create your account. You can register using your email and password or choose one of the other available options. After signing in, you'll notice that your account balance is $0. But don't worry, we'll show you how to start making money. Click on "Earn Now" to explore the different ways to make money online using this app. One option is to watch videos, but you can also earn by playing games, filling out surveys, or even shopping online. Let's focus on watching videos for now. Click on "Watch Videos" and select an advertisement to watch. Each ad you watch for at least 30 seconds will earn you 0.6 points, which can be converted into real money. The more ads you watch, the more money you can make. It's important to note that Paid Work accepts users from all countries, so anyone can join and start earning. To view your progress and earnings, go to the dashboard. For each ad you watch, you'll earn 6 cents (or more, depending on your country). While it may not seem like much, remember that this is a simple and accessible way to make money without any special skills. And if you want to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $10 quickly, we have a special tip for you. Utilize the referral program. By inviting friends or others to join Paid Work, you can earn $10 for free when they make their first payout. Simply copy your referral link and start inviting others to join. This can be a great way to reach the withdrawal threshold faster. Withdrawing your earnings is easy. Go to the settings and click on "Billings" to add your billing information. You can choose between bank transfer or PayPal as your payment method. Once you reach the $10 threshold, you can request a payout and enjoy your hard-earned money.

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App 2: GrabPoints

Now let's move on to our second app, GrabPoints. This app also allows you to earn cash and gift cards by watching ads and taking surveys. To get started, visit their website and sign up using your email and password. Fill out your personal information to set up your account. Aftercompleting your account setup, you'll earn 500 points just for providing your demographics. Answer simple questions about your interests, hobbies, shopping habits, and more. Each question you answer will earn you points. Once you've completed the demographic questions, you'll find a variety of surveys and offers on the homepage. These surveys can earn you different amounts of money, ranging from a few dollars to over $100. However, our focus will be on watching ads to make money. Scroll down to the "Offer Walls" section on the homepage. There, you'll find different offers, including two options specifically for watching video ads: Loot.TV and Hideout TV. Click on either of these options to access the available video ads. Some offers may initially show "No offer found," but don't worry. Click on "All" to see all the available offers. In addition to watching video ads, you can also complete surveys, download apps, and participate in quizzes. There are even high-paying offers that can earn you more than $6. GrabPoints offers two ways of making money: through surveys and offers. You can explore the available options in each category and choose the ones that interest you the most. Remember to check back regularly, as new surveys and offers are added daily.


In today's world, where every dollar counts, having a side hustle can make a significant difference. With these two powerful apps at your fingertips, earning money online is not just a possibility but a practical reality. Paid Work and GrabPoints stand out as the top 2 smartphone apps for online income, offering a variety of tasks to suit different preferences and schedules. Whether you're saving for a big purchase, paying off debt, or simply want to boost your income, these apps provide a flexible and convenient solution. Start exploring Paid Work and GrabPoints today and join the community of smart earners who are using their smartphones to their financial advantage!

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Top 2 Smartphone Apps to Earn Money Online: Paid Work and GrabPoints

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